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Whether you're new to perennials or searching for that perfect addition to your existing garden, check out our selection of sun or shade perennial flowers and grasses!

Our Perennials

Our perennials range in size.  We have flats of ground cover, as well as 4.5 inch, 1, 2 and 3 gallon perennials, depending on the plant.

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Rabbit Resistant Perennials


Rabbits can wreak havoc on a garden.  Landscaping with plants resistant to various pests can ensure your garden will be lower maintenance.  With rabbit resistant plants, you'll save yourself from having to plant again and again.

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Butterfly Gardens


Want to attract those beautiful butterflies and other pollinators?  Create a butterfly garden filled with perennials sure to delight!  We have native species that will thrive in our climate.

Please know plant lists are representative

of what we typically carry at the greenhouses.  Availability is based on sourcing, maturity and sometimes mother nature!

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